Anonymous Testing

At HIM we strive to provide gay guys with the opportunity to seek sexual health resources that are convenient and confidential. To make it easier to test HIM offers clinic hours which are geared towards guys who might be too busy during the day to go get tested. Further, we like to provide the people that use our health centres with an atmosphere where they can feel safe.

In British Columbia, all HIV testing is confidential. You can test for HIV using your full name, or choose to test somewhere you can use your initials or a version of your name. For most people, these HIV testing options work well, but some people need even more confidentiality when they test. Recognizing this need, an anonymous HIV testing pilot program has recently been launched in BC and two of the pilot sites are the HIM Health Centres.

Testing for HIV anonymously means that you are given a numbered testing code that only you know. You are not asked for your phone number, email or address. You have to provide your code to get your result and if you lose the code, you will need to test again. If the test is negative or positive, your healthcare provider will not be contacting you because they don’t have your email, address or phone number. It is your responsibility to return or call for your result.

If you would like to have an anonymous HIV test done, please call us at 604-488-1001 or visit our online booking page (coming soon!) to make an appointment. You will be asked for your name to hold the appointment but you do not have to use a name that is yours.