Boosting Sexual Desire

Boosting Sexual Desire

The sex doesn’t need to suffer just because you’ve been together forever. Dips in sexual activity are normal but, left unchecked, can lead to relationship problems. Consider the following eight tips:

1) Revisit your sexual wants and desires. What turns you on? What’s important to you? Share this info with your man… talk about his desires too. Remember what turned you on about your boyfriend when you first met. Fantasize about your favourite sexual experience with him and tell him what you liked about it.

2) Prioritize your sex life & set time aside for it. Schedule it in somewhere that works for the both of you—pull out the day planner if you have to! If it’s important to you, you have to make time for it.

3) Relax & set the mood. It’s not easy to get things going if you’re worried about work, money, family or sexual performance. Meditation, or cutting your workload or responsibilities might help. And set the mood—he might not be horny when you are. Dim the lights, play appropriate music, light some candles… get out the whips and chains… you know, make it sexy.

4) Make sure you’re still taking good care of yourself. Take up a sport, get in shape (better fitness can lead to more sexual desire). Also, it’s normal to let things slide when you get to know a guy for a long time, but keep your farts to yourself (unless it’s a fetish) and remember to trim your nose hairs!

5) Talk dirty. Leave sexy notes or text messages on his phone. Tell him you think he’s hot! Why not leave a hot and horny voice message? Just make sure he gets the message, not your mother-in-law.

6) Kiss and touch and go sensual. Pretend you’re in high school again! There’s more to sex than cock and ass. Take a bath together. Cuddle, massage, smooch, spoon. Touch your man—hold hands during the day!

7) Mix it up. Get out of your routine—habit can be dull over time. Get a butt plug or some new toy. Use it together. Try a new sexual position. Watch porn together, try role playing: you could be the pizza delivery boy.

8) Go on a sex holiday. Get a hotel room and get nasty! Take it out of the bedroom and into the park or into some other sexy place

— Robert Schmidt