Broadcasting the Outgames

Broadcasting the Outgames

Vancouver has a unique opportunity to host the 2011 Outgames and showcase the pride in our city and in Canada. We know thousands of people will be involved in volunteering, supporting, cheering on and competing in the Outgames this summer. More will be eager to see what is going on from other parts of the world as their athletes participate. It goes without saying that this is exciting and engaging television, and is the very definition of community coverage. We will produce programs covering the opening Ceremonies to air that day. We will produce 5 – 10 Minute Magazine segment each night during the games They will cover the 18 sporting events, the 3 day human rights conference, and the 4 cultural events surrounding the event. The shows will air on Shaw TV and we will also be posting on the Internet. This will set a model for future coverage of future games throughout North America. In addition, it will provide a basis for future coverage of GLBT events in Vancouver and possibly an ongoing TV show as well as internet programming.

Promoting Healthy Lives

In addition to showcasing the athletic, cultural and human rights events, we know that promoting active involvement in the community through volunteerism and also through athleticism are powerful determinants of improved health in the community. Health Initiative for Men (HIM) and Out on Screen (OOS) both engage significant numbers of volunteers, and HIM’s mission includes commitments to engage and train members of the gay community. The Vancouver Out On Screen Film and Video Society develops and supports programs that advance queer communities through education and cultural expression. Both organizations are engaged with the communities, will train volunteers in leadership and also offer a place to continue video production for broadcast or internet access to the GLBT community.

Professional Production Values.

With the support of Mike Keeping, drawing on his long history of working in our community to train our people and document our lives, we know the production will reflect the values of our community and the vibrant nature of our celebrations. Our experienced volunteer senior producer, Fred Kamperman, is dedicated to assembling and leading a team to produce high quality, entertaining material with broad audience appeal. Professional equipment, creative editing and writing, will be bolstered by our ability to recruit and motivate a team of volunteers, many with extensive production experience. We’ll take an approach that reflects the fact that the entire production team is driven by their desire to give this as a gift to the community, here and around the world. We know we will attract energetic and talented volunteers. This is an assurance that the production will meet or exceed.

Volunteer Positions

There are several positions available both in front and behind the camera:

Studio Crew

Senior Producer: Oversees production and crew. Works with producers to establish what will be covered in show.

Producer: Looks after show or segment overall mainly concerned with content. For a segment they are responsible for booking all equipment and crew.

Director: Is responsible for the look of show works with crew and talent to achieve this.

Post Production Producer: Oversees the post production works with editor to make sure show is completed.

Reporter: Responsible for their segment works with assigned producer and crew to achieve this. Develops segment focus, story structure, contact guest to be interviewed and make question up for interview. Works with edit and producer to finish story.

Camera Operator: Responsible for all footage shot make sure footage is lit, composed properly. Make sure the sound is recorded correctly. Make sure camera equipment is maintained and return in good condition.

Camera Assist: Help camera operator shoot segment carries equipment and helps set equipment up. Also responsible to make sure camera equipment is maintained and return in good condition.

Editor: Responsible for all edited elements of segments and show, puts segments and show together, records VO, Builds Intro’s Extro’s bumper elements. Maintains file management system for footage archives footage.

Assist Editor: Log and ingest footage from tape/memory card to computer to help prep for editing. Helps editor to Maintains file management system for footage archives footage.

Mobile Crew

Producer: Answers to Exec. Producer looks after all content of show.

Hosts: Answers to Producer works with Director and is responsible for on air info helps research and develop script.

Director: Answers to the Producer is responsible for the look of show works with crew and talent to achieve this.

Switcher: (Shaw TV Staff member) Answers to the Director is responsible switching all visual elements of show, patching visual elements.

Production Assistant: Answers to the Director Is responsible for the timing of the show, takes notes from the director during rehearsal and Looks after the script may call out cues during show. Get correct info for graphic correct spelling of names etc.

Video Tape Operator : Answers to the Director is responsible for all playback material, records show ensure that all playback footage levels meet quality standards.

Graphics: Answers to the Director is responsible for creating all graphics use on the show.

Audio Operator: Answers to Director is responsible for all aspects of audio, house feeds mics playback of VTR’s Music etc.

Audio Assist: Answers to audio op helps with mics and setting up sound equipment.

Floor Director: Answers to the Director and is the Directors ears and eyes on the studio floor or house. May convey the Directors direction to the talent.

Video Shader: Answers to Director responsible for the look of the cameras video levels and color matching.

Camera Operator: Answers to the Director and is responsible for the camera shots. Maintains composition and proper framing.

Camera Assistant: Answers to the Camera Operator and helps the camera person with the camera (ie cable pulling and set up).

Make-up Person: Answers to Director is responsible for host make up and looks.

Web Master: Designs and looks after and maintains the website uploads video for viewing.

Mobile Tech: (Shaw TV Staff) Looks after any technical issues with the truck. Drives the truck to the location.

Even though we are looking for experienced people, experience is not necessary as we will be providing workshops during the months leading up to the games.

If you’re interested in any of the positions please contact us at: