Detox Cleanses aren’t the Answer, Sorry ’bout it

It’s the new year and so, like any self-aware gay on social media, I spend more time than is necessary rolling my eyes at people discussing new years resolutions. Whether you’re posting selfies of your progress at the gym or curmudgeonly decrying another person’s efforts to improve themselves, I don’t really want to hear/see it… unless you’re gorgeous, then please more selfies.

There’s a lot of noise about resolutions, about success, and about failure. Making life changes is hard. Forming long lasting habits like going to the gym more, or eating better, or being happier about how fabulous you already are is difficult.

So why not cheat?

An interesting article I came across this morning says that the claims made by detoxifying cleanses may just be hype. Like Kalteen bars from Mean Girls, people are still, literally, eating it up – and all for the low low price of $34.54!

Instead of detoxifying cleanses, consider giving your body what it needs. Water, a balanced diet, and sleep (and other boring stuff we know is good for us). In the long term your body will thank you. Also in the short term, because cleanses seem unpleasant. Cut back on the powders, noxious smoothies, and condescending promises from emaciated health gurus. Actually let’s stop listening to any self-proclaimed gurus who are trying to sell you something. These miracle cures, superfoods, and snake-oils promise better health, more energy, and better sex, but really they prey on our insecurities, especially after the holidays when people tend to overindulge. Their claims for 5-days to better health, hurt us. We invest emotionally into their promises, and when they let us down, we feel disappointed. We’ve wasted time, and money, and feel like failures.

So detox, I’ve had it. Officially.

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~Keith R.

Keith is a guru really trustworthy person who isn’t trying to sell you anything, but uses motivational snark and his trolling powers for good.