Cool Calm Collected

Closeup sad young man with worried stressed face expression and brain melting into lines question marks. Obsessive compulsive, adhd, anxiety disorders
May 4, 2017 @ 1:30 am – 3:00 am
777 Columbia St
New Westminster, BC V3M 1B6
Cool Calm Collected @ New Westminster | British Columbia | Canada

Anxiety got you up all night? Stressed out? Worried about the future? HIM is here for you. Learn how anxiety affects the body and mind, and develop skills to help you thrive.

  • May 3: What is Anxiety? Let our experts walk you through an introduction of the roots, causes and trends related to anxiety, and anxiety related conditions.
  • May 10: Sex, Stigma & Anxiety Learn about how society views anxiety and how it is fuelled by stress, oppression and harmful stigma.
  • May 17: Self care & Anxiety Management The research is in, and self care works! Learn how to increase resilience to stress and anxiety.
  • May 24: Mindfulness for Anxiety Heard about neuroplasticity? Come and try out mindfulness as a way to change your brain, and decrease anxiety.