Gaily World News Briefs #2

Gaily World News Briefs #2

Regina, Saskatchewan-Sask. Gay Marriage Refusal Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Things in the prairies are becoming interesting as a court rules that refusing to marry gays is unconstitutional.  We may want to drag this one out a little more just to keep people interested in Saskatchewan.

Ontario-Catholic School Prohibits Gay Straight Alliance

Everybody knows that gays sashay when we march, not goose-step.  So we should probably just quit listening to anyone who likens Gays to Nazis as was the case for a the Halton Catholic District School Board’s Chair, Alice Anne LeMay.

Anchorage, Alaska-Activists to push Anchorage LGBT Rights Ordinance

While the Lower 48 seem to move at a glacial pace towards gay rights, Alaska is motoring on by in a bright pink snow mobile.  Looks like the Daddy Bears are also a political force to be reckoned with… You betcha!

UK-Gay Rugby Player Begins Work on Biopic

In an odd twist, a movie about a gay rugby player will be made which will not be porn.  Unfortunately they wanted to make it obvious that it wasn’t porn by casting Mickey Rourke as the lead, Gareth Thomas.

Brazil-A “homocausto” rages unabated in Brazil

A gay rights group in Brazil has been documenting that homophobic murders are occuring at a rate of one every day and a half.  Tell Brazil to pass anti-hate legislation NOW!

Mumbai, India-Gaying it up in D’kloset

A queer multi-designer store launched last month in Mumbai, as if Indian fashion wasn’t glam enough. 

Canada-Gay celebs weigh in on censorship of song

Rick Mercer, Scott Thompson, and others have nothing nice to say about the c-word that has removed Dire Straits s-word “Money for N-word” from Canadian a-word.  The The b-word is f-word s-word and t-word n-word.  The c-word o-word s-word to f-word s-word p-word and d-word the f-word around the w-word faggot.

New York, New York-Gay Journalist Murdered by his Lover

Tragically a vocal gay rights advocate and fashion journalist was murdered by his lover who allegedly yelled “I’m not gay anymore!” As he committed the crime.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-Muslim Gay Faces Government Wrath

The bold declaration “I am gay, I am OK” by a Malay Muslim in Malaysia on YouTube has been met by threats of violence and death.  Equality groups are rallying behind him in support he “is not the first gay Muslim man in Malaysia nor will he be the last.”  For more info on how to help gays in hostile countries click here.

New York, New York-Gay Co-founder of Facebook changed his status to “Engaged”

Longtime couple plan on getting hitched as soon as it’s legal in New York.  What the hell do you get someone worth $500 Million?  (His social networking site JUMO has some great ways to get involved!)

UK-UK asylum seekers ‘left in limbo’

A recent report from the British Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee says they’re backed up with tens of thousands of unresolved claims.  Maybe if they drank less tea, ate more fibre and douched every now and again they wouldn’t have this problem.