Gaily World News Briefs #3

Gaily World News Briefs #3

UK-Gay Couple wins discrimination case against B&B

Wonder if this would’ve raised their ire if they were an unwed couple expecting the son of God?

PEI-Gay-positive space created at UPEI

University of PEI is planning on making safe spaces available to LGBT students, and no they will not be giving them tickets to San Francisco


USA-New LGBT-Friendly Hospital Visitation Regulations Go into effect

The gay community will be doing something other than just cruising the hot doctors at the hospital now.


Melbourne, Australia-Twins victory for gay Melbourne couple after Indian surrogate gives birth

Fathers say they’re excited, but are looking for a sitter for Mardi Gras.


Washington, USA-HRC-Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality

I don’t know about Equality, but I figure working at Tiffany’s would be pretty sweet.


Australia-Help for deaf LGBT

[Gesticulates Flamboyantly]


UK-“Gay Lessons” in maths, geography and science

In the UK they’re officially teaching gay lessons. Maybe they’ll stop having spotted dick too.


Ontario-School board overturns ban on gay-straight alliance groups

It’s not like we’re asking to teach them gay lessons like the UK.  We like to be sneaky.


Manila-LGBT people push for law against discrimination

Maybe Alec Mapa will have to change the name of his routine to just No Fats or Femmes…


Mumbai, India-Queer Azadi’s pride week kicks off with gusto in Mumbai

I couldn’t imagine the drama and pageanry of a GAY Indian parade…


Austria-Strictly Come Dancing Austria

Because there’s NO room in a dancing competition for gay guys.


New Zealand-Queer History 101

I hope all this talk of gay curricula leads to better oral exams.


San Francisco, USA-Lyon-Martin Health Clinic Rumoured to close on Thursday: Served 2500 Trans, Queer, and Poor Folk

The Lyon-Martin Health Clinic may or may not be closing its doors jeopardizing thousands of low income’s access to health care.  All the more reason to reflect upon the barriers to healthcare and seek out and donate to other clinics and services.