Gaily World News Briefs #6

Gaily World News Briefs #6

USA-Facebook change allows LGBT users to emerge from their online closets

I don’t know what they’re celebrating as any of the gays I know can’t seem to get past the “It’s Complicated” status.

Washington, DC-DOMA Changes Fire Up Gay Supporters

President Obama has instructed his Department of Justice to stop defending court cases upholding certain parts of the Defence of Marriage Act, some are saying this is pandering to LGBT voters.  Anyone who thinks that the Democrats need to pander to get the gay vote should YouTube Newt Gingrich.


UK-Cricket backs Steven Davies after player announces he is gay

Davies who has kept other players balls at bay may have his wicket taken freely now…


Texas-To Block Gay Alliance, School Keeps Clubs Off Campus

When do bigots hurt everyone? When they insist on removing all extra curricular groups from campus.

USA-FCC Complaint Filed Against Spanish TV

At least Jerry Springer had some taste when they were vetting their actors for their roles.

Seattle, USA-Prism Comics Expands Presence at Emerald City ComiCon

Gay superheroes having been busting down the closet doors more frequently.  Now they only have to manage one secret identity.

Cuba-Education Tours Announces Rainbow Cuba Tour For LGBT People For May 2011

Pink is the 2011 colour for communism, not Red.

Cape Town-South African LGBT Activists Launch Unique Rainbow Flag

Hopefully this will be a harbinger for expanded protections for the LGBT community in Africa.