Gaily World News Briefs #7

UK-Charter for Action to stamp out LGBT discrimination in sport

Now if only this translated into more sexy gay rugby players…

Canada-Citizenship guide gets single sentence on gay rights

“Canada’s diversity includes gay and lesbian Canadians, who enjoy the full protection of and equal treatment under the law, including access to civil marriage.” This seems to sum up all the victories and legal standings of the LGBT community.

Saint Marrtin-Pastors on Caribbean island want code of conduct for gay tourists

Really? The clergy want us to reign it in?

USA-House Speaker John Boehner Leads Anti-Gay Fight

Everyone’s favourite orange american is OUTRAGED that President Obama is not being a bigot by defending a law which was archaic in the first place.

Philippines-Mr. Gay World goes to… South Africa 

Sadly BC’s Rob Easton didn’t win, but the real winners are us still as we can ogle the pictures.

Sydney, Australia-Pro-Queer Muslims Challenge Prejudice

While in the USA Muslims are being put on trial as one monolithic group, pro-gay Muslims stand up for the rights of people as one monolithic group.

Jakarta, Singapore-Murderers of LGBT activist in Jakarta ride motorcycles

A tragic attack on an LGBT activist in Singapore has left several dead.  Fortunately new details are still emerging as police investigate.

Hampstead, UK-Gay landlady defends moves to straighten-up queer pub

Gay spaces seem to have taken a hit in the UK as the pink dollar seems to have gone to major centres… like Nepal…