Gaily World News Briefs #8

Gaily World News Briefs #8

Kansas City, USA – ACLU to schools: Stop web filtering LGBT content

Yes! Please allow us to youtube Sassy Gay Friend and Lady Gaga music videos again!


Geneva, Switzerland – 85 nations sign UN statement defending LGBT people

Don’t worry, it’s just a non-binding agreement so we don’t need to worry that suddenly homophobia will just disappear… which means I still have a job.


London, UK – Are you gay, 11-year-old Britons to be asked

Unfortunately guys who weren’t gay until they were caught with their pants down soliciting sex from another guy will NOT be counted in this census.


Washington, USA – Bi-National Married Gays Get Green Card Reprieve

I bet xenophobic Americans head’s are exploding as gays and foreigners are getting some kind of socialist revolution underway.


London, UK – Royal wedding: Gay rugby star Gareth Thomas wins invitation through friendship with Prince William

While I’m assuming that my invite got lost in the mail, out rugby player Gareth Thomas says his friendship has earned him one.


USA – Apple pulls ‘Gay Cure’ app

All the proponents of the controversial app were later seen trying to get into Oasis, to… uhhh… save people.


Paris, France – French gay couples condemn discriminatory laws

Kudos to any of the French people that are expecting or already have children, my boyfriend and I are still arguing about who’s going to carry it.