Gaily World News Briefs: Entertainment Edition

Gaily World News Briefs: Entertainment Edition

This week we’re highlighting a few lesser known gay characters and themes in pop culture.  

Commander Shepard Steps Out

These guys are really courting gaymers following some hot interactions in the Dragon Age series.


Ewan McGregor: “I Learned a Lot” 

Ewan McGregor feels a little bad about some shortcomings in his previous gay movies like I (Heart) you Philip Morris and Star Wars… Wait, Obi-Wan and Vader weren’t a couple?


Family blame UCLA ‘sissy boy’ therapy by anti-gay professor for death of their effeminate son

Anderson Cooper, CNN personality and Silver Fox, has a series of heartbreaking interviews about the damage that reparative therapy had on a family.


Did All the Gay Talk Hurt X-Men’s Box Office?

I personally could use a little less conversation about the box office, and a little more action between Havok and Magneto…



So glad that Thomas Dekker finally gets to gay it up in this Greg Araki film…


Collin Farrell as Rictor, Plus 11 Other Fantasy Superhero Casting Choices

Here’s a hot primer on gay superheroes, and the real world actors that should play them!


Life with a Gay Ex-Husband.  It Happens.

Wait… Fran Drescher isn’t a gay man?


MTV’s Teen Wolf Has Out Gay Teen Character!

He’s a minor character at this point, but if you aren’t holding your breath I’m sure you’ll find some other merits to the show… It does raise the question “Do all Teen Wolves have killer abs?”