Gaily World News Briefs: Sports Edition

Gaily World News Briefs: Sports Edition

In light of outbursts made by Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah, this edition of Gaily World News Briefs is dedicated to gays and their supporters in sports.

Nyon, Switzerland-Croatia soccer president Markovic appeals against UEFA fine over gay slur

Homophobia isn’t just a North American thing. Clearly.

Phoenix, USA-Rick Welts has yet to hear any negative feedback since coming out

No negative feedback? Probably because he’s the boss and makes an order of magnitude more than everyone.

Phoenix, USA-Suns’ Steve Nash voices support for same-sex marriage in video

Being Canadian doesn’t make you sensible, but it sure helps apparently.

New York, USA-Sean Avery supports gay marriage in new public service video

He’s apparently quite the shit disturber in the NHL.

Las Vegas, USA-Bowler discloses homosexuality to PBA last week

Poor guy having to wear THAT much polyester…

Toronto, Canada-Hockey as secular as the nation that worships the sport

FYI Todd Reynolds is NO relation to resident HIM writer Keith Reynolds… Thank goodness

UK-Rugby star Ben Cohen quits to fight for gay rights

What a stud…

USA-Charles Barkley on gay athletes

You’d think such statements on gay athletes would be obvious!

There are tons of other stories out there about gays in sports, such as Brian and Brendan Burke’s story, how the San Francisco Giants are saying “It Gets Better” or a straight high school student who wrestles with an HRC sticker on his helmet.

Want to see more gay athletes this summer? Check out the 2011 North American Outgames in Vancouver!