Gaily World News Briefs

Gaily World News Briefs

Gaily World News Briefs is a new feature here from HIM.  We will be giving you the scoop on what’s happening in the world for gay guys. Enjoy!

Historic Convictions Overturned

London, UK-Men from the U.K. who have convictions for gay sex with guys over 16 will have them overturned. Criminal convictions I mean. The other kind convictions you may have for gay sex (like wanting it) are still completely normal.

Some Things Never Change

Bigotton, USA-Hot on the heels of the signing of the DADT repeal, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, has now issued a statement calling into question the integrity of (soon to be) out soldiers.  Apparently gay people don’t have a “Get out of Jail Free” card anymore.

Extremist Charged

Serbia-Charges have been laid against the leader of a Serbian extremist group which lead riots during the first gay pride parade in Serbia in almost 10 years.

Charitable Tax-Breaks for Discriminatory Groups

New South Wales, Australia-A judgment out of New South Wales which says that church groups who discriminate against gay couples who want to adopt (or who may discriminate in general) will still receive charitable tax-breaks.  Australia, where Foster is both a beer and bigotry.

Same-Sex Marriages Begin in the New year

Dublin, Ireland-Kiss me I’m Irish, gay, and soon to be married… at least in the new year.

Clubs Discriminate against gays but not Lesbians for NYE Celebrations

India-No gays allowed… Lesbians are okay though…

NJ governor signs tough law

Trenton, New Jersey-New Jersey has redeemed itself from just being known as that place, with the shore, where there’s an abundance of tanning beds, and a Snooki.  There, the governor has signed into law one of the strictest anti-bullying laws.

Dance Competition in India Has Same Sex Sensation

Lucknow, India-Oh yes they DID!  Dance India Dance, same sex duo Mahesh Tamang and Rahul proved once again that gays have a knack for dancing… and confusing the hell out of heterosexual men.

Boston Sports Writer Comes Out

Boston, USA-“It’s my hope that from now on I’ll be more involved” Steve Buckley writes at the end of his sports column where he came out.  It’s an inspiring story coming from an often homophobic FIELD.

Petition to stop FRC

Los Angeles, California-Aren’t you GLAD for GLAAD? Seriously I think I’m done with dubious puns.  Maybe its not my fault, maybe its just the acronyms…  In that case we should boycot CNN until they wise up and stop presenting the anti-gay Family Research Council (FRC in case we’re on acronym watch) as legitimate opposing perspectives instead of hate groups.

Over the RAINBOW in Turkey

Bursa, Turkey-Gay group, RAINBOW outlawed in Turkey for prostitution and immorality.  This is a sad day for gays in Turkey, but what does it MEAN!  It means you should check out

Lambda Istanbul, or Kaos GL to and take action against other, unfortunate closures.