Please welcome the newest addition to the HIM family: HUSTLE Men on the Move!

HUSTLE: Men on the Move is an outreach and support program designed and implemented by experiential individuals who see a need for specific front-line programming & support services for male and trans sex workers. Significant attention is also been given to identifying and supporting street-involved youth who may be at risk in our communities. HUSTLE is now in its 5th year of operation and has been providing services in Vancouver communities since the fall of 2007.

“With HIM’s approach to physical, sexual, social and mental health programming, HUSTLE is excited about opportunities to develop new ways of engaging with other populations of OMSM, youth and individuals in our communities,” says Matthew Taylor, HUSTLE Program Manager. “HUSTLE will continue to deliver services that are both effective and relevant to male/trans sex workers and youth in Vancouver.”

HUSTLE is also online engaging with MSW/OMSM and youth in the virtual networks they frequent, finding new ways to engage in health promotion by establishing profiles on various SNS, dating sites, and online classified services.

For more information on programs and services, please check out the HUSTLE blog at

Stay tuned for more exciting news about HUSTLE @ HIM in the coming year!   How U Survive This Life Everyday