The HUSTLE: Men on the Move program was originally designed and implemented in 2007 by two experiential men who saw a need for specific outreach and support services geared towards male sex workers in Vancouver. From 2007-2011 HUSTLE was a program of PEERS Vancouver Resource Society; a Non-profit exiting organization for sex workers where HUSTLE was successful at providing the male/youth component to PEERS programming and services including outreach, support, exiting and options to transition to healthier lifestyles.

In the spring of 2010 and with the support of PEERS Administration and Board of Directors, HUSTLE launched ‘Netreach’; engaging with men in the sex industry and experiential youth in the virtual networks they frequent to find new and innovative ways to build relationships and engage in health promotion.

Due to systemic changes in government funding for employment programs which began in 2010, PEERS as a non-profit organization unfortunately closed its door for direct service in March of 2012. This change necessitated HUSTLE to transition to another host organization able to effectively house and facilitate our ongoing efforts in community.


In January 2012, HUSTLE: Men on the Move became HUSTLE, a program of HIM – Health Initiative for Men. HIM’s approach includes physical, sexual, social, and mental health programming, research and support. Through HIM, HUSTLE continues to deliver a program relevant to self-identified men in the sex industry as well as experiential youth and is excited about opportunities to develop new ways of engaging with our populations in our community.

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