Intro to Mindfulness

Intro to Mindfulness

Intro to Mindfulness by Dr. Mitesh Patel

Hi guys, we would love you to join us at our HIM office on Davie St for an ‘introduction to mindfulness and meditation’ session this Friday January 21, 7pm to 8.15pm.

Do you enjoy the relaxing parts of Yoga? The parts where there is a focus on breath and the moment? If so, you might be interested in Mindfulness.

This workshop does not require any previous knowledge, skill or practice in mindfulness or meditation. It is meant for beginners to experts. The session will introduce the central tenets of mindfulness, followed by several practices, some of which will likely be new to even seasoned meditators or those that use mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a form of cognitive process that helps to focus while relaxing the mind. It has been shown to have great benefits on overall wellness. This is not a faith-based practice and all are welcome; all you need is yourself, some comfortable sitting clothes, and if you have it, a small pillow/towel to sit on. The session will last about 45 minutes with time for questions.

Dr. Mitesh Patel is a Physician Resident with an interest in Mindfulness and is a member of the Mind and Life Association which researches mindfulness and its effects on the brain. He has trained in mindfulness for several years and has learned from practitioners in Tibet to those that are local here in Vancouver.

Please reserve your space at or call us for more information.