Balance / Homeostasis

Homeostasis is something our bodies want and need. When we are hot, our bodies sweat to cool down; when we need energy, we feel hunger to motivate us to seek food; when we are threatened, we seek to deal with the threat in the way that works for us (e.g. fight, flight, freeze). These are examples of times when our bodies send a message that balance is needed. Without food, water and sleep, it would be difficult to do challenging tasks and there would be very clear messages that certain needs are not being met.

When it comes to our mental health, things can be less clear. For many gay guys, stress is a part of life, but when the body can’t recover from stress, our minds can be effected. Alternatively, when our minds can’t recover, our bodies can be effected. Stress can effect sex-drive, disrupt sleep, and create feelings of anxiety.

With so many different factors at play, it can feel like a real challenge to find and maintain balance. The balance between competitive work environments and relaxation; the balance between going to the bar, and having enough money to cover rent; the balance between working out at the gym and spending time with friends and family. A lack of balance can change the way we feel about the things we normally enjoy while working towards balance can support us to be organized, creative, energetic, romantic and feel a sense of genuine enjoyment.

For gay guys, the key is recognizing when we need balance, and doing things to bring balance back to our lives. It is important to find activities and practices that bring balance to daily life so that we can continue to do the things we love. This becomes increasingly important as we age because our bodies need additional support with diet, fitness, social time and medical care. Everyone is different, and so finding ways to balance your life in way that works for you could be the key to maintaining your mental health.

How it can help:
  • Working to find balance can keep our bodies resilient and able to be creative, flexible and strong.
  • Finding ways to create balance promotes growth and increases resilience to stress.
  • Balancing both challenging and restful activities prepares us for higher levels of challenge.

Consider balancing your week according to what you need, rather than what you think you should do.