Body Work

We work hard, and we play hard. Why not take a time to reward our bodies and minds for all of the hard work? For you, it might be: Yoga, floating, massage, stretching, physiotherapy, and/or Qi Gong. There are many ways to work with our bodies, and it can be rewarding to take some time to explore the body work styles that help to improve your sense of health and wellness.

Many forms of body work have proven to compliment health care practices in different ways. For example: Practicing your favorite yoga style can increase flexibility, reduce pain and provide an opportunity for our minds to rest in a quiet and peaceful setting. Attending Yoga, Qi Gong and other body work classes can also double as an opportunity to make social connections with others.  Massage can increase blood flow, and reduce back pain and muscle tension. Massage has also been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Physiotherapy will help us recover from injury and get back to our favorite activities. What is clear, is that working with our bodies, and noticing how our minds and bodies are connected can be rewarding in many ways.

How it can help:
  • Works to reduce pain, and helps to support healing of the body and mind
  • Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Increases awareness of the relationship between mind, body, and what our bodies need to feel healthy.
  • Fitness classes and body work can be expensive and so HIM offers some programs for gay guys that are free or by donation.
  • You also might explore some Massage -body work practice you can do at home with a friend or a partner (e.g. self-massage, yoga videos and stretching)
  • If you have an extended health care plan, you may have some coverage for some kinds of body work.