Creative Expression

An acting class to help you build confidence, and network with other performers. A quiet Sunday morning spent writing lyrics to that song you’ve always wanted to write. Listening to your favorite DJ and dancing until your feet hurt. Creative expression can be anything, anywhere, and can happen at any time and it can help us to express complex emotions, thoughts and experiences. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to be professional to get joy and fulfillment from doing creative activities. Whether you are doing it, listening to it, participating in it, painting it, or writing it down: creative expression can help us slow down and activate another part of our minds.

Engaging with the creative parts of our minds and bodies can provide a well needed break from the more automatic mental activities related to day-to-day living. It’s not quite as simple as left-brain versus right-brain, but it can be very helpful to try out new activities that challenge our minds to make new connections, and approach problems differently. We can keep our minds healthier, and more resilient by finding creative outlets that we enjoy and building them into our lives.

How it helps:
  • At any age, creative expression activities give our brains a chance build new connections within our brains.
  • Creative expression activities can help relieve stress, boost resilience and give us a break from the stresses of day-to-day life.
  • Certain creative therapies (e.g. Art and music therapy) can help people process stressful events, find relief from emotional or physical illness, gain self-compassion, and recover from trauma.
  • If you have been curious about trying something out, find a group or class to join. Working with others can help you develop a sense of confidence and build connections with others.
  • Check out online tutorials about some of the activities you want to try.