Sex and Intimacy

We know that it can feel good physically, but can sex help us in other ways?

Sex is one of the many ways that we can take time for our minds. We can have sex with our partner(s), buddies, and others to connect, explore our bodies, kinks and the things that turn us on. Sex can break tension, help us recover from conflict and relieve stress. Sex can also build a deep sense of intimacy with our partner(s) and/or friends. This sense of intimacy can extend beyond the bedroom and help us feel like we are supported and loved.

It’s not a perfect system because for many, sex is complicated. However, there is good evidence to support the idea of connecting with our bodies and partners can improve self-esteem, and improved self-esteem can help us feel better; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. What’s important is finding ways that work for you and claiming your right to define your own way of getting sexual intimacy.

How it helps:
  • Helps to relieve stress by burning energy, and the release of certain brain chemicals (e.g. hormones and endorphins)
  • Sex can be a great way to build strong connections with others.
  • Having sex can be part of how we fight shame associated with gay sex.

Your sex is your own. Whether it is by yourself, or with others; we can all benefit from finding sex practices that bring us into closer relationship with ourselves and/or our partners.