Poz guys talk to Frank about sex and hepatitis C

Poz guys talk to Frank about sex and hepatitis C

Hey Frank thanks for coming by.
Thanks for asking me.

How about telling us a little bit about yourself?
Sure, I’m in my early forties. I enjoy working out, spending time with my friends, listening to music. And I like to travel.

Where do you live?
I live in the West End.

Do you have a boyfriend?
No, I’m single.

Why’s that?
Let’s just say I like variety.

So, would you describe yourself as a player?
That’s probably accurate, at least when it comes to my sex life.

What’s your definition of an ideal sex partner?
I’m mostly a top so I’m into guys who like to bottom. Usually I hook-up with other poz guys. I like kissing and talking and I have a thing for small ears. I don’t know why, but I do.

I guess we should get to the point of our discussion. I’ve heard that some guys are getting Hepatitis C from sex.
Yeah, it’s true. It seems to be happening mostly to poz guys in group-sex situations.

How do you define “group sex”?
I’d say it’s when three or more people are having sex together.

Like at sex parties?
Sex parties or even threesomes. Parks and bathhouses too.

How is Hep C passed around?
Hepatitis C is passed in blood. More to the point, the blood of an infected person has to get into the bloodstream of another person who does not have Hepatitis C. Most people get it from sharing needles when injecting drugs.

Well, then how are guys getting Hepatitis C from sex?
No one’s totally sure but it likely happens when two or more bottoms share the same top during group sex.

I don’t get it.
Okay. So, the first thing to mention is that fucking causes small tears inside the ass, which act both as a source of blood and as tiny openings for blood to get into the body. If two bottoms are sharing the same top, blood from the ass of the first guy may get onto the top’s dick. Then the blood goes into the ass of the second guy when it’s his turn to get fucked. If the first guy has Hep C it can be passed on this way. The same thing can happen when sharing sex toys and fists.

What if I don’t see any blood?
A small amount is enough. You might not be able to see it.

Can you tell if someone has Hepatitis C?
No, and some guys who have Hep C don’t even know it. A blood test is the only way to find out for sure.

So if I’m a bottom, how do I avoid getting Hep C?
There’s no sure-fired way but you can lower your chances. Use condoms whenever you get fucked. Change the condom after each person and try to make sure that anything going into your ass is carefully washed up.

What about fisting?
A fresh glove on a clean arm is best for fisting. Change gloves and wash up after each person. Best to use your own lube.

I’m not sure what to think about all of this.
Yeah, it’s a lot to think about. Most people need time to let it sink in.

What about you? As a top aren’t you worried about getting Hep C?
Sure I am. Plus I really don’t like the idea of passing stuff on my dick.

How are you protecting yourself?

For me it’s down to getting the right information then figuring out how to balance fun with safety.

So, what are you doing?
These days I’m mostly wrapping up, especially with casual buddies.