Research Application

Research & Engagement Package                                      March 2011


Health Initiative for Men values the role of both scientific research and mutually beneficial relationships that increase gay men’s capacity to make informed decisions. Researchers and institutions, seeking letters of support or formal partnerships should review this document in full to ensure that our objectives are compatible.

Collaborating with Health Initiative for Men

Step 1:

Once a desire to work with Health Initiative for Men has been established, we recommend reading our Research and Engagement Principles and reviewing our Research Application (RA) form. Both documents are attached.

Step 1.1 (optional):

If our Principles are congruent with the research or knowledge transfer proposal, the researcher or interested party should meet with the Project Manager responsible for Research and/or the Executive Director (ED), to further discuss HIM’s philosophy and values to determine if their projects are compatible.

Step 2:         

Submit completed RA form to Project Manager responsible for Research and/or the ED.

Step 3:

The Project Manager will review the RA and determine whether to bring it directly to the Research & Evaluation Committee or forward it to the ED for a decision.

Proposals which clearly match our goals and mission, those that require few or no resources and those requiring only letters of support may be approved by the ED.

Complex proposalsshould come to the Research & Evaluation Committee before any collaboration begins. In situations where deadlines exist, as often is the case with funding proposals, it is left to the discretion of the Executive Director to determine whether proposals should be presented to the Committee before or after a letter of support is formulated.

Step 4:

The Executive Director and/or the Research Committee will decide how to proceed with RA.  Options include: Approval, Approval pending Revisions, Refusal.

Research Partnership Application

Please review our Research & Engagement Procedures before submitting an application.


The Mission of HIM is to strengthen gay men’s health and well-being through trusted, tailored, targeted research-based health promotion services and by engaging the community through volunteer involvement, online access and events. We foster mutually beneficial relationships among gay men and health professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes. We do this because we value the ability of gay men to make informed decisions, we value the role of our community in supporting the foundations for healthy living, and we value scientific research.

The Research and Evaluation Committee at HIM reviews research proposals before the organization makes a decision on whether or not to engage in a particular research project. This Cover Sheet outlines some of the considerations of the committee. It is intended to expedite our review process. Please complete this sheet and attach it to any documentation, including your proposal (which may be at an early draft stage at this point) that you will be submitting to the Committee. If you have any questions, please direct them to Jody Jollimore, HIM Project Coordinator.

*When submitting a proposal please allow adequate time for review as the HIM Research and Evaluation Committee meets monthly.

Research Partnership Application

In order to foster mutually beneficial relationships with researchers, HIM developed a Research Package that includes our Research Principles and an Application for Research Partnerships. Please find the Research Package here.
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