Return of Gaily World News Briefs!

Return of Gaily World News Briefs!

That was a busy summer, so busy that we in the Gaily World News department was working (rather productively) from the beach – we just couldn’t get a wireless signal.  BUT we’re back – with a vengeance.


Wellington, New Zealand – Wellington group aims to Queer our Schools!

A group called the Queer Avengers will be launching its “Queer our Schools” program.  The group denies any affiliation to super hero group, The Avengers despite both of them having a mandate of spandex and bettering the world.


USA – DC Comics’ Gay Teen Titan

DC has been featuring a bunch of gay characters lately, hopefully Marvel steps it up by finally printing that Wolverine/Gambit love story we’ve all wanted for so long.


Calgary, Alberta – Gay rights activists plan to bring unique camp to Calgary next summer

All I can say is that those teens should watch out for bears.


San Francisco, California – Gay San Francisco Mayor Candidate Releases Ad Featuring Daughter

Some right wing groups are claiming the child has no mother, which has renewed calls for better sex ed in the USA.


USA – Country Star Toby Keith is Surprisingly Pro-Gay

In response, gays have toned down their criticism of his wardrobe.


Manchester, UK – UK PM backs gay marriage

I think it’s probably the influence of the Queen, Sir Elton John.


Toronto, Ontario – National Post takes heat for running apparent anti-gay advertisement

Oh snap… someone is in some trouble over this one!