Tai Chi for Health & Relaxation

Tai Chi for Health & Relaxation

Our friends at the International Taoist Tai Chi Society are starting a new year!

The ancient Taoists were renowned for their study of health and longevity. Taoist Tai Chi internal arts of health convey the essence of this tradition to the modern world. If you are new to Tai Chi, please attend within the first three sessions so that you can enjoy the whole series as this is a progressive process. Not only is Taoist Tai Chi a good exercise for the mind, but it is also a terrific physical exercise. Try it out, the first lesson is always an introduction and free.

Beginner Class in 2011:  Monday Jan 10th, Monday May 9th and Monday Sept. 12th class is from 5:30 to 7:00 pm every Monday

– Continuing Class starting Monday Jan. 31st for anyone who has previously completed the beginner set and on-going after that date.

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