Use Condoms

Condoms are the most effective way to prevent picking up or passing on HIV or other STIs when having anal sex with guys whose status you do not know.

There are different ways to make sure condoms are used. Some of them involve talking and some of them involve non-verbal signs. Whatever your chosen form of communication, if you want to use condoms, find a way to let your partner know.

It’s a good idea to be prepared wherever you have sex. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to pick up or cruise for sex, it’s a good idea to carry condoms and lube when you go out.

If you end up at your place, having condoms and lube on display lets him know they are on the agenda. You could just grab the condom and put it on yourself or him or hand it to him to get the message. If you want to talk about it, try discussing condoms before starting sex. If you have already negotiated condom use before starting, everyone can relax and enjoy the moment.

In Vancouver, you can find free condom dispensers at the following gay venues:

  • Fountainhead Pub
  • Pumpjack Pub
  • 1181 Tight Lounge
  • Junction Pub
  • Numbers Cabaret

You can also drop by a HIM Health Centre – HIM’s Davie Health Centre or HIM on the Drive to pick up free condoms and lube.

HIM also has non-latex and size large condoms available at our Health Centres.