Learn about PEP

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is a series of powerful anti-HIV drugs used to prevent infection after the virus has entered the body, but before it has taken hold permanently.

In 2012, a pilot project for non-occupational PEP (NPEP) was launched in Vancouver. This means that gay guys who are exposed to HIV by a failed or broken condom, anal sex without HIV/STI preventative tools, injection drug use or any other exposure, can access this treatment at 5 locations in Vancouver, including the HIM Health Centre on Davie St. (421 – 1033 Davie).

For more information on PEP and how to access PEP through the NPEP pilot, visit our PEP website.

Please remember – condom use and low risk activities like oral sex and knowing your partners status and your own (through regular testing) are the most effective ways to avoid picking up or passing on HIV.