WILD MEN: Tops and Bottoms Fundraiser

WILD MEN: Tops and Bottoms Fundraiser
WILD MEN – Tops & Bottoms Fundraiser

It’s the holiday season and the folks at Tops & Bottoms (aka The Bobbers) want to give back so they’re helping out our amazing queer men’s organization, Health Initiative for Men, by doing an all boys improv show.

Tops: Ryan Clayton, Derek Kemple, Aaron Essex and Matty Pegues

Bottoms: Alan Pavlokovic, Benjamin Garner, Derek Bedry and Pearce Visser

Special After Show Fun by David C. Jones & Bill Taylor!

This event will provide more fun than you’ll be able to stand so soon in the new year!  Fun and games for everyone, plus a warm fuzzy feeling for helping out the Health Initiative for Men!

WHERE: The J Lounge

WHEN: Monday, January 3rd, 2011 @ 7:00 PM