Wisdom from Gays

Wisdom from Gays

I first started working at HIM doing condom packing, distribution, and outreach.  It was great to meet a bunch of new gay guys and talk to them about condoms, sex, and anything else they wanted to talk about.

When they weren’t flirting with me, which was often, they shared their thoughts on HIM with me.  Often they’d give me their two cents on the condoms I was giving out, either praising HIM for helping gay guys have sex; or else criticizing the packaging.

Something about threesomes, bears, and slings just rubs some guys the wrong way.   I see their point, that not everyone identifies or feels comfortable in those situations; but I found out that some guys like to criticize the messenger, not the message.

I quickly read up on the HIM rationale for such provocative imagery.  Turns out, gay guys like sexy imagery, at least, they seem to respond best to messages when its presented with sex and humour.

So with that in mind, while on Manhunt last week my mouse slipped (too much lube) and I accidentally clicked on Manhunt Cares.  Having never been there before I thought I’d poke around.  It’s actually a really good source of information with surprising depth.   Try it out the next time you’re online and waiting for a response from gr8fuk69.

Here’s just a fun taste from their resident drag queen.


So now look forward to more smut wrapped risk reduction messages from HIM!