Discrimination & COVID19

The most important thing to remember during this pandemic, is that gay men, as well as all queer and trans people face significant discrimination in society. Historically, and currently we have risen together to face the HIV epidemic, and have (in many countries) managed to establish basic human rights for ourselves.  We must continue to draw on that strength during this crisis. 

Let’s make sure to be careful, know the facts, and protect those of us who are on the margins. 

1. Know the facts:  Don’t confuse opinions, with facts. Learn about COVID-19 and how it affects people living with HIV and Hep C. Our friends from CATIE have developped a resource for people living with HIV and Hep C
2. Stop discrimination: When you see it, or hear it. Stop it. Take a stand and do not accept your family and friend’s discriminatory comments about people’s HIV status, people’s sexual practices, or their race. 
3. Ask for help: If you are experiencing discrimination related to people’s incorrect assumptions about your risk for COVID-19, reach out to friends, family and HIM. Counselling is still available by phone, or video