Pressure! A word about expectations

Gay culture can often feel like it’s all about sex. We usually hook up more often than straight people. We date online more often. We tend to have more partners. We expect our dicks to work on command (talk about pressure!).

If this sounds exhausting, it’s because it can be: after all, the average Canadian man has 23 sexual partners in his entire lifetime (the average American man? Just 13). Sure, you might get laid more often – but if your dick won’t get hard after four hook-ups in a weekend, it might be time to check your expectations: it could be time for a nap, not more sex (give the little guy a break!).

There’s more. Our libidos decrease naturally with age – yes, even yours. This might mean that your dick isn’t always ready to spring into action… and that’s normal. Finally, to be blunt, if you’re putting your dick in an ass, it has to be a little stiffer than if you were putting it into a vagina. Because… well, you know.