Reduce your risk

Erectile dysfunction can sometimes lead to risky sex. Some guys find it difficult to stay hard while wearing a condom – so they have condomless anal sex, which has a high risk of passing on or picking up HIV. If you or your partner are having difficulty maintaining an erection, consider other kinds of sex (might we recommend blow jobs or jerking off together?) until you can get hard and use condoms. Others may find sex with condoms easier after taking ED drugs.

HIM built an online sexual risk calculator just for you (yes, you!). There, you can calculate your personal HIV risk based on what kinds of sex you’re having. Routine HIV testing can also give you peace of mind, and reduce sexual performance anxiety.

A word of caution: there are counterfeit ED drugs out there. If you bought your medicine online, or from someone other than a pharmacist, you have no way of knowing what’s inside. It’s always best to get your medicine from a pharmacy.