It’s okay to ask for help

Life can be tough, and a little perspective and support can help. We offer professional counselling (at no-cost, or reduced fee) for gay men in the Lower Mainland. Our counselling and coaching sessions help you work through problems, challenges, and changes in a confidential setting. Our counsellors have worked with men like you to tackle substance use problems, coming out, racism, body image, aging, sex, and more.

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Counsellor vs. Coach: what’s the difference?

HIM offers both counselling and coaching programs. And when it comes to the difference, it all comes down to training: our professional counsellors have a post-graduate or masters-level degree in counselling, psychology, or a related area. They’re usually registered with a professional body. Our coaches are supportive volunteers who are skilled at listening and trained in motivational interviewing. They all have completed 30–40 hours of training from HIM and are supervised by an expert professional coach.

Interested in being a coach or counsellor?

Your right to confidentiality

We’re dedicated to preserving your confidentiality. We follow strict confidentiality regulations, and keep track of your information by numeric code. Your file is securely locked and kept on-site, and it’s yours any time you want it: simply make a request in writing to our program manager Alvaro.

There are certain situations where HIM might have to break confidentiality. Confidentiality may be superseded when the rights of others, particularly the rights of a child or dependent adult, are in need of protection and in cases where maintenance of confidentiality may cause serious harm to the client or to a third party. Reporting occurs where the therapist is required by mandatory reporting law, as follows:

  • A direct threat to harm yourself
  • A direct threat to harm another person
  • Abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult
  • HIM received a court-issued subpoena

Make an appointment

To arrange a counselling or coaching session, call Aaron Purdie at 604-488-1001, extension 235 or send an email to

Health Initiative for Men respectfully acknowledges that we are privileged to be working within the ceded and unceded, ancestral, traditional, and shared territories of the Coast Salish people.

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