Male Sex Work Support

Like in any other career, guys who do sex work have unique needs and challenges. From access to health services to safety, HIM is here for you to support you in maintaining your social, sexual, mental, and physical health while doing sex work.

Health Initiative for Men calls for the removal of all criminal penalties associated with adult sex work. Further reading about HIM’s stance on decriminalization can be found in the Sex Work Law Reform: Implications for Male Sex Workers in Vancouver and Beyond position paper.

Our support programs for guys in the sex industry:

    An outreach and support program for self-identified men in the sex industry, created and run by experienced individuals. We work with you to determine your goals and needs for service provision, referring in-house to HIM programs, and to our community partners.
  • Transitions:
    A self-exploration, pre-employment program for self-identified male and trans folks in the sex industry who are interested in exploring new career paths in other industries. We work with you to develop life skills, identify goals, talents, strengths; and pursue employment options that fit your needs.