Health Initiative for Men (HIM) Services in BC Northern region:

Since 2019, HIM has been working in the Northern Health region, out of Prince George, to provide the GBT2Q community with improved accessibility and uptake of health services. In BC North, we believe that leveraging; community expertise, stakeholder connections, and Health Authority buy-in provides the most effective path towards longevity.
We are committed to ensuring that the GBT2Q community have equitable and culturally competent care. Our holistic approach to health; physical, mental, sexual, and social, allows GTB2Q individuals to seek out their own pathway to health through a host of community oriented events and programming. HIM North is working hard to bring events and programs to community members. Please check back often for updates.

Physical Health

Whether it’s yoga, dance, or just a way to find community, HIM is constantly looking to provide ways for you to connect with your community, body, and strengthen your physical health. HIM also offers a number of virtual activities for physical health which are made available to GBT2Q men on Vancouver Island and across BC

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Sexual Health

Whether you need STI testing or workshops on healthy relationships, HIM has got you covered on all things Sexual Health. We work with local and regional partners to provide the most appropriate services for community members looking to strengthen their sexual health. HIM also offers a number of Sexual Health Tools which are available online to everyone in BC.

Social Health

At HIM, we know that being social is an important part of how we stay healthy. Wherever you stand, from introvert to extrovert, HIM has a wide array of programming that meet your social health needs. Join us for our regularly scheduled, inclusive programs, or drop-in for our bigger events! HIM North is working hard to curate programming for all occasions.

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Mental Health

We know that mental health is an important part of staying healthy and that every person is on their own journey to mental wellbeing. That’s why HIM North has curated counselling options for all income levels, because we believe that mental health shouldn’t have barriers. HIM provides in-house counselling options specifically for GBT2Q communities. Interested in counselling at HIM? Write to [email protected] or click the link below to fill out our HIM Mental Health Questionnaire. One of our team members will follow up to guide you. 

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