Join in on this event to hear stories and listen to teachings from two-spirit people. We encourage people who want to listen to come to hear about two-spirit history, identity, and legacies, from the voices of people who are so often unheard and silenced. This is an opportunity to learn, unlearn, and consider the ways that many of us contribute to ongoing erasure, and colonization.

Many cultural traditions and practices of the peoples of Turtle Island have often been misrepresented or suppressed. This especially holds true for Indigenous notions and practices of sex, gender, gender-roles, gender-expressions and sexuality. This community dialogue takes up the discussion of what and who is Two-Spirit by featuring some of the sociohistorical documentation from a nation-specific standpoint while supplementing these records and narratives with deconstructed colonial accounts. A brief overview is offered on how this burgeoning body of knowledge is used to (re)learn and (re)claim respect, honor and dignity for Two-Spirit individuals and communities as they navigate and negotiate Indigenous and LGBTQI+ spaces, places and communities.

This dialogue will centre two-spirit voices, a presentation will be made by a two-spirit speaker, and a moderated Q&A and discussion will follow.
Monday July 27
6:00 – 7:00 PM
Online via Zoom
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Harlan Pruden, First Nation Cree, works with and for the Two-Spirit community locally, nationally and internationally. Harlan is an Educator at the BC Center for Disease Control’s Chee Mamuk program, an Indigenous public health program. Harlan is also the Managing Editor of the

Opening Ceremony provided by Elder Roberta Price.

This presentation includes a recording of a live, unrehearsed interpretation, targeted to a specific audience. Interpreting services provided electronically are often subject to vagaries of the internet or audio connection and, in addition, may include errors or omissions.