Professional Volunteers

Most volunteers at HIM are giving their time to benefit the gay community; however, we also like to acknowledge that some of our volunteers have special skill sets which they have generously donated to enrich HIM’s services and the gay community.  We would like to recognize these highly trained individuals, who have offered their professional services to us, by listing their services below.

Physical Health


Mental Health

Edward Sandberg (MSW, RCSW) – is a Clinical Social Worker, counsellor and therapist in private practice. He has been specializing in the areas of relationships, sex, kink and sexuality for over 30 years. He has an office in Kitsilano on Vancouver’s west side.
Edward has a diverse practice dealing with a vast number of personal and interpersonal issues including depression, self-esteem, grief and loss, substance use, chronic pain, and sexual diversity. He uses a number of therapeutic modalities, but is first and foremost Client Centered and Humanist. Beyond that he uses an eclectic set of talk therapy techniques including Rogerian and Narrative Therapy. Contact 604-728-6569 Sliding scale available.
If interested in knowing more, check out his website

Andrew Huber – Andrew has been a volunteer counsellor with HIM since 2012. In addition to his volunteering, Andrew is a registered clinical counsellor in private practice providing counselling to individuals and couples.His therapeutic approach includes a focus on queer communities and such issues as body image, self-esteem, life transitions, and relationship challenges. He also has experience working with injuries, including chronic pain and concussion. He implements a holistic approach to his work to support each client on a journey towards natural growth and potential. Check out or email for more information.

Bill Coleman – Bill has worked as a therapist and as a psychologist for over 25 years. He now works as a counsellor in private practice at 1160 Burrard St. (Burrard Health Centre). Most of his work has been with gay men around HIV, sex, relationships, self-esteem, substance use, and forensic work, as well as stress and depression. Bill can see people during the week. He charges people whatever they make per hour. Appointments can be booked by phone: 778-320-4850 or directly on line at

Contact 778 320 4850 or email

Joe Ramirez – Joe is a volunteer counsellor member at HIM and maintains a private practice providing short-term counselling and depth psychotherapy. Although he specializes in men’s sexual health and identity, he works with men, women, trans, couples, and family members with a variety of concerns, such as:  anxiety/depression, grief/loss, identity/meaning, and relationship/communication barriers.

For day and evening availability, contact at 778.227.9423 or email:


Rob Kaiser – Rob is the supervisor for HIM’s Peer Strategic Advisor program. His focus is on helping clients develop strategies for making effective and lasting changes in their lives. Rob is a former recipient of the “Top 10% Leadership” award among all Accenture Senior Managers in Canada. He has planned and successfully implemented large transformational change programs, some with a global scope, across many industries.  Rob started Revivae Consulting in early 2012, to provide consulting and coaching services to both individuals and businesses.
“I believe making meaningful change and progress in the business world is, at its core, not all that different from affecting change in an individual’s life. It’s about ensuring the right goals are pursued with the right approach, by passionate people who have the right skills, tools, and support.  When these basics are covered, not only will the outcome be the best it can be, the act of getting there will be incredible.”
Rob is currently working with a team of amazing individuals, launching The Global Values Project, which is working to create, “A world full of people living value-driven lives.”
Check out to get in touch, or to learn more about the Global Values Project.

Mok Escueta, PhD RCSW – holds a PhD degree from UBC in the field of collective trauma and is a Registered Clinical Social Worker. He has been specializing in trauma psychotherapy for about14 years now. He provides Individual, Couples, Family, and Group psychotherapy, for trauma, anxiety, and related mental health issues including depression and problematic substance use. He uses evidence-based and current best practices in trauma work including trauma-focused Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, and particular treatment protocols including Prolonged Exposure, Cogniitve-Processing Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (for couples and families), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, among others. He provides couples counselling for various couples issues; family and group therapy for relationship and other difficulties. He has his office on Broadway at Willow and can be contacted at 604.652.4189 or at

Chris Bitten, RCC- has provided counselling for youth, adults, families and couples since 1981.  Chris is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and an International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, with additional training in family therapy.  Chris believes that warmth, skill, understanding, and empathy are essential qualities in a therapist.  His orientation in Integrative Psychotherapy provides a way of working, but he believes the therapy has to be designed to suit each client individually. Chris strives to create a safe environment where his client’s story is heard and respected, where his or her goals are understood, where emotions and thoughts can be expressed in depth, and desired change can be facilitated and supported.

More information can be found on his website: or Email

Social Health

None at this time.

Sexual Health

Pega Ren is a renowned sexologist in BC

By listing on this page, HIM recognizes that the volunteers have shown competence in their field of expertise during their volunteer service at HIM. The volunteers are also gay or gay-friendly, respectful of difference, sex positive and uphold all of HIM’s values and philosophies; however they may also be accountable to their own professional bodies and codes of ethics.  By choosing to use any of the services listed on this page the participant (you) understands that HIM does not guarantee and cannot be held accountable for any quality of service received from the listed volunteer outside the HIM organization.