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Living toward our vision of “Gay men building healthy lives together” HIM is looking to re-imagine how community groups and programming is organized in a way that empowers the community to design and lead such programming so that it can benefit a wider section of the community – which might currently be under-served with existing programs. If you have a community program idea that can help strengthen the [physical/ sexual/ social/ mental] health of GBT2Q men in your community, apply today to become a Community Organizer with HIM!

Through the Community Organizers Program, leaders in the GBT2Q community will have the ability to access HIM’s “Host, Support and Promote” model to bring their community impact ideas to life and deliver them in the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health regions. The Program will also provide the opportunity for community-led value to take priority and promote programs with higher relevancy and impact – leading to a stronger health and wellbeing for all.


Community leaders and movers who would like to translate their skills, ideas and connections to community programs that can help address community needs are invited to apply to become Community Organizers with HIM. Starting with completing the application form below, Community Organizers candidates will be invited to attend a complimentary (optional) Leadership Training workshop provided by HIM on quarterly basis.

Community Organizer candidates will also be invited to submit their community program ideas and outline the support they need to bring those ideas to life with HIM and undergo an interview process to evaluate the readiness and relevance of their proposed community program idea. Once selected, the Community Organizer idea gets adopted under HIM’s Host, Support and Promote model and the Community Organizer profile is added to HIM’s website.


HIM is working with an extraordinary group of Community Organizers who have been designing and delivering unique community programming. Click below and take a look at their profiles and the work they have been doing with HIM:

Edmond T. Cheng
Unleash Happiness

Ken Godmere
Fast Friends

Glenn Preston
Get Kinky with HIM

Sterling James
Grey & Golden

Apply today to become a Community Organizer like them and take the lead on strengthening the health and wellbeing of GBT2Q men in the community!


Please complete the form below to become a Community Organizer candidate:




A Community Organizer (CO) with HIM is an individual who:

  • Is a member of (or an ally to) the GBT2Q community who is passionate about strengthening the health and wellbeing of the community
  • Has the capacity, willingness and drive to contribute time and effort into designing and leading community programming
  • Resides in (or willing to commute to) Fraser Valley and Vancouver regions
  • Has a relevant and feasible community program ideas (or is willing to work with HIM to find community program ideas) and willing to lead the implementation of said ideas
  • Possesses leadership skills that enables them to lead, organize and facilitate community groups/programming that caters to diverse groups of GBT2Q men in the community
  • Values-aligned with HIM organization



How is being a Community Organizer different from being a Volunteer with HIM?

HIM deeply values the contributions of our volunteers and we always look for ways to deepen the relationships we have with our volunteers. Community Organizers offers an opportunity for some of our volunteers who would like to continue to contribute with their time and skills to deliver HIM’s mission but do so in a leadership capacity where they can design and deliver programming as opposed to support existing programs. All Community Organizers are considered part of the broader HIM volunteers community.



What does HIM’s “Host, Support and Promote” model entail?

HIM “Hosts” Community Organizers (COs) by:

  • Providing the physical space for COs community program activities, either at HIM’s own spaces or by liaising with 3rd party community spaces within HIM’s network
  • Providing the institutional umbrella under-which COs can carry out their community program activities
  • Secure necessary licenses and approvals for approved community program activities

HIM “Supports” COs by:

  • Providing cost assistance to the community program
  • Sharing talent resources and expertise
  • Lending the influence of the HIM brand and leadership raise the profile of the COs community programs

HIM Promotes COs by:

  • Providing marketing strategy and implementation support to help raise awareness about the COs community programs across HIM’s network
  • Raise the profile of COs in the community



Do I already have to have a community program/group idea in order to be able to apply to become a Community Organizer?

While HIM is ultimately looking for Community Organizers who have relevant community ideas that can feasibly be adopted as community programs, you do not have to have ready program idea in order to apply to join the HIM’s network of Community Organizers. Your passion and skills are what matter the most, and HIM is happy to work closely with you to help you identify a community program idea.

The complimentary Leadership Training workshop will be a great venue for you to explore ideas that match your skills and interests. Also, as a member of the Community Organizers network, you will be offered opportunities to co-lead/facilitate existing programs/groups until you develop a community program idea you that you would like to lead on your own.



There is no deadline to apply to become a Community Organizer with HIM. Application is open all-year-round and all applicants will be invited to sign-up to a complimentary (optional) leadership training workshop, however candidates who apply will be considered and interviewed when the HIM team’s capacity allows.



By applying to become a Community Organizer you automatically become part of the Community Organizers candidates network and you will be invited to attend a complimentary (optional) leadership training workshop, you will also be invited to submit a program plan for your community program idea. In case you’re proposed program plan does not get selected, you will still continue to be part of the Community Organizers network and you will be invited to re-submit community ideas periodically. Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to apply to become a co-facilitator for existing community groups/programs and attend more leadership training workshops.



After you apply to become a Community Organizer candidate, you will be invited to submit a community program plan. Following your program plan submission you’ll be invited to an interview with the Engagement and Outreach team at HIM to help determine the readiness and relevance of your proposed community program idea. The interview will evaluate your program idea against a set criteria and you will be notified of the outcome of that evaluation shortly after your interview. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, you will still continue to be part of the Community Organizers candidates network and you will be invited to re-submit community program plans again.



What’s the criteria for a successful Community Organizers program/group idea?

For a CO program idea to be considered, it must:

  • Be relevant: It addresses a evident need in the GBT2Q community
  • Feasible: You and HIM have the combined skills, resources and expertise to deliver it in a meaningful way
  • Timely: It comes at an appropriate time and its implementation timeframe is realistic and sensible
  • Aligned to HIM’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Serves the GBT2Q community within the Fraser Valley and Vancouver regions (priority is given to programs that serves Fraser Valley communities)


The Community Organizers Program was created with inspiration and collaboration from our partners at MAX Ottawa and their Community MAXimizers Program. For more questions and inquiries about the Community Organizers program, please reach out to
Health Initiative for Men respectfully acknowledges that we are privileged to be working within the ceded and unceded, ancestral, traditional, and shared territories of the Coast Salish people.

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