Your mind matters

Mental health refers to your psychological and emotional well-being.  Mental health can be affected by many factors in your daily life, including work-life balance, physical health your relationships and so much more! Maybe you are familiar with feelings of depression, anxiety, addiction and stress, or these feelings and experiences might be new to you; either way, HIM is here for you.  At HIM we want to make it easy and accessible for all gay, queer and bi guys to explore the mental, emotional, cultural, social and spiritual aspects of their lives. It is our hope to create a community where taking care of these parts of yourself is as important as your sexual and physical health; without shame or stigma.  If you are interested in learning more about gay men’s mental health, take a look at our resource page: Take Time for Your Mind 

HIM offers a suite of programs designed to support your mental health.  See below for upcoming groups and workshops.  Or click here to learn more about counselling and coaching!

Check below for any upcoming mental health-focused groups and/or workshops

Health Initiative for Men respectfully acknowledges that we are privileged to be working within the ceded and unceded, ancestral, traditional, and shared territories of the Coast Salish people.

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