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GetGarded was created to empower the communities of gay, bi, queer men and gender-diverse people across BC. We hope GetGarded will provide our communities with a deeper understanding of HPV, including ways to prevent HPV infection and pathways to vaccination. HIM invites local community organizations, health care providers, and community leaders to share and promote this guide among the queer communities they belong to and/or serve. 

Below are a number of open license graphics for social media and print along with some messages to help communicate about HPV and encourage community members to GetGarded. 

Key Messages:

  • Gardasil 9 is a vaccine that guards against HPV, which can cause genital warts and cancer. Check out more information at: https://getgarded.ca/
  • Gardasil 9 (HPV vaccine) is available to more of us now than ever before. Check out more information at: https://getgarded.ca/
  • Send “tell me about the HPV vaccine” in a message to Health Initiative for Men (HIM) on Facebook or Instagram to find out about how you can get garded against HPV, genital warts, and different cancers.
  • 45 is the new 27! Gardasil 9 is now recommended for many community members up to the age of 45. That means that more of us can Get Garded against HPV, genital warts, and several cancers than ever before. Check out more information at: https://getgarded.ca/

Here’s a selection of images you can use to spread the word online about HPV and access to the Gardasil vaccine:

Press Kit:

We are including the media kit and press release for the launch of GetGarded.ca below. For media inquiries and interviews, please contact: zaid@checkhimout.ca