Think you’ve got a problem? Want to reduce your alcohol/drug use?

While we believe harm reduction is an effective strategy for many people, we also acknowledge that other strategies may also be effective for some. The following resources range from harm reduction community health services to support groups focused on quitting substance use altogether.

Health Initiative for Men offers a number of mental health services for gay guys. Depending on your needs, you can find peer support and counselling.

Exposed to HIV while you were high?

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is a series of powerful drugs that can stop HIV from taking hold in your body if they are taken within 72 hours after exposure.

For other sexual health resources, click here (

HIV Antiretrovirals & Party Drugs

  • Click here for a clinical guide to possible adverse interactions.

Community and public health resources

  • Alcohol and Drug Clinics

• Three Bridges (Business District, Yaletown)
301-1290 Hornby St.
Phone: (604) 714-3480
• Downtown (East Side)
569 Powell St.
Phone: (604) 255-3151
Note: Provides counseling and medical services. Hours are 8:30 am to 8:30 pm daily.
• North (East Vancouver)
202-1651 Commercial Drive
Phone: (604) 215-3990
• Pender (Downtown East Side)
59 W. Pender St.
Phone: (604) 669-9181
• Evergreen
3425 Crowley Drive
Phone: (604) 707-3620
Note: just off Joyce and East 34th Ave.
• Pacific Spirit
2110 West 43rd Ave.
Phone: (604) 267-3970
Note: covers areas west of Oak St. excluding downtown and South Vancouver (see map).
• Raven Song
2450 Ontario St., Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 709-6400
Note: also includes the Bridge Clinic, which provides services for immigrants.
• South Clinic
6405 Knight St., Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 321-6151

  • Daytox Vancouver (Outpatient Withdrawal Services)

• Six-week outpatient withdrawal management program for adults 19 years of age and over living in Vancouver.
• Also makes referrals to local community health centres for addiction counselling, detox support, needle exchange program, and methadone services.
• 377 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC
• Phone: 1-866-658-1221

  • OnSite Vancouver

• Withdrawal management services and detox services for individuals with chronic drug addiction. Mental health workers, counselors, and doctors work together to help people become stable and plan their next steps.

  • Vancouver Addictions Matrix Program (VAMP)

• A 16-week outpatient stimulant addiction treatment program
Addictions Matrix Program – Three Bridges Community Health Centre

  • Vancouver Coastal Health Addiction Services

• Adult addiction counseling at various locations throughout Vancouver
Vancouver Costal Health – Locations & services

  • Vancouver Coastal Health Prism

• Clinical, education, information, and referral services for LGBT+ individuals
Vancouver Costal Health – Prism Services

  • Vancouver Recovery Club 24/7 Drop In

• The VRC Drop-in Centre is a safe and drug-free 24-hour drop-in and referral centre that provides immediate support for clients seeking help with addiction and recovery.
• Operating since 1983, the Drop-in Centre offers peer support, alcohol and drug counselling, and referral service for clients seeking detox, treatment, recovery houses, shelters, and other support services as required.
• 2775 Sophia Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3L1
• Phone (604) 708-9955
Vancouver Recovery Club – Services

  • Access to clean needles

Downtown Community Health Centre, 569 Powell Street
Insite Supervised Injection Site, 139 East Hastings Street
Pender Community Health Centre, 50 West Pender Street
Three Bridges Community Health Centre, 1292 Hornby Street

Support Groups