Sexual Health

HIM PLUS – Testing for HIV and STIs

HIV and STI testing is a powerful tool in our sexual health toolkit. Testing gives us information and access to treatment that limits the impact untreated STIs can have on our bodies. Knowing our status and treating any STIs we might have reduces the chances of transmitting STIs to our sexual partners. 

HIM and Northern Health partner to offer regular, 1 – day, testing opportunities through Central Interior Native Health Society in Prince George. Anonymous testing is also available during this time. A BC Service Card/MSP is recommended, but not necessary to access services. 

  • When? 3rd Tuesday of every month 
  • Whattime? 5pm-8pm. Last appointment slot at 7:15PM 
  • Where? Central Interior Native Health Society – 1110 4th Ave, Prince George BC 
  • How? Make your free appointment or learn more about the program by calling or texting 250-981-7065 

What services?  

  • HIV blood test 
  • STI/ STBBI screening 
  • Sexual health counselling 
  • Vaccinations (by appointment only) for prevention of STI’s & seasonal flu 
  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) 
  • IUD insertion/ removal (by appointment only) 
  • Urine Pregnancy test 
  • Harm reduction supplies including condoms, lube, safer smoking and injection kits 

PrEP for HIV

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a pill that HIV negative people can take regularly to reduce the chance of being passed HIV from sex or injection drug use. This safe and effective prophylactic is a great part of our sexual health toolkit to prevent HIV transmission.  

For a lot of us, PrEP is free through a program by BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. This includes those of us under the Interim Federal Health Program. 

Read more about PrEP, how it works, and how to access it at HIM’s resource 


Where to get PrEP in Prince George

Interested in being on PrEP? Below are some of the ways that you can access PrEP if you live in PG. 


Prince George Needle Exchange/ AIDS Prevention Program 

The Prince George Needle Exchange is a harm reduction and safer consumption site. They offer a sexual health clinic with STI-certified, Registered Nurses. 

Book an appointment to speak to a nurse about PrEP: 250-564-1727  

1114 3rd ave. Prince George BC, 1PM-6PM 


Foundry Prince George 

Foundry is your one-stop shop for all things health related. Available for people youth age 12-24, this wrap-around service clinic provides primary care, mental health, substance use, and social supports. 

Call to book an appointment: 236-423-1571 

1148 7th ave. Prince George BC 


Doctors Office 

Talk to your doctor or provider about PrEP today. Your provider may not be familiar with PrEP or how it’s offered for free to many of us in BC.  Here are several step-by-step guides to talking to your provider about accessing PrEP.


Northern Health Specialized Support Team 

The Specialized Support Team supports people and families affected by or living with HIV or HCV. 

 You can self-refer to the Northern Health Specialized Support Team for PrEP: 1-888-645-6495 


Online sexual health tools

Taking care of your sexual health is important. HIM’s sexual health tools will help you understand and address your sexual health needs!

Check Yourself Today

Learn about the tools you need to take care of your sexual health and where you can access them across BC.

Tell Your Partners

This tool allows you to anonymously notify your sexual partners that they ought to get tested.

Your Sexual Health Calculator

Use our online calculator to determine how likely you are to transmit HIV & other STIs and to calculate the best prevention strategies for you!