Sexual Health

Testing for HIV and STIs

HIV and STI testing is a powerful tool in our sexual health toolkit. Testing gives us information and access to treatment that limits the impact untreated STIs can have on our bodies. Knowing our status and treating any STIs we might have reduces the chances of transmitting STIs to our sexual partners.

Contact any of the following for testing option in the Northern Health region:

HIV Self Testing Kits Now Available

Our new program provides free HIV self-test kits by mail to gay, bi, queer men and gender diverse folks anywhere in BC. We request several kits, which are sent in discreet packaging from HIM headquarters.  You can even pick them up at different HIM events. To order them online click here.

PrEP for HIV

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is an HIV prevention strategy we can use if we are HIV-negative that usually involves taking a pill every day to prevent ourselves from getting HIV.

To learn more about accessing PrEP in your community you can call our Health Promotion Coordinator 236-688-4153.


HIM, the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), and Interior Health are running a pilot program to help individuals in the Interior access PrEP without a local doctor/prescriber.

The physician team at the BCCDC STI/HIV Clinic in Vancouver offer online virtual health visits to eligible individuals. The initial appointment is booked by calling the BCCDC STI Clinic reception. A nurse will then  up by phone to review the process and provide any necessary documents prior to the virtual appointment with the physician. The program includes:

  • Assessment
  • Required and recommended testing
  • Treatment for positive STI results
  • Delivery of PrEP for client pick-up

To book an appointment call the BCCDC: 604.707.5600 and request a Tele-PrEP appointment. 

Online sexual health tools

Taking care of your sexual health is important. HIM’s sexual health tools will help you understand and address your sexual health needs!

Check Yourself Today

Learn about the tools you need to take care of your sexual health and where you can access them across BC.

Tell Your Partners

This tool allows you to anonymously notify your sexual partners that they ought to get tested.

Your Sexual Health Calculator

Use our online calculator to determine how likely you are to transmit HIV & other STIs and to calculate the best prevention strategies for you!