#GetGarded against HPV

HPV, the Human Papillomavirus, is a very common sexually transmitted infection that has been linked to the development of genital warts and cancers among men and women. HPV can be transmitted easily by oral, anal, and/or genital sexual contact and is widespread among all adults, including gay and bisexual men.

Did you know HPV is widespread among all adults?
At least 60% of gay & bi guys have HPV, & almost 80% among HIV+ guys. #GetGarded

A vaccine is available and recommended for gay and bisexual men of all ages for the prevention of HPV. Gardasil® protects against HPV infection caused by the four most common strains of the virus, while the newly released Gardasil® 9 protects against five additional cancer-causing strains.

Condoms can reduce but won’t eliminate the risk of HPV infection, as transmission can occur from contact outside the area protected by condoms – even hands and mouths can facilitate transmission. Talk to your doctor or visit a pharmacy to get started with your Gardasil® 9 vaccination.

Did you know 3 shots of Gardasil® & you’re protected from the strains linked to genital warts & cancer? #GetGarded

Did you know condoms can reduce your risk of getting HPV, but vaccination is the most effective form of prevention? #GetGarded