Coming Out Resources

There’s a wide variety of resources and videos on coming out available on the Internet – a simple search on Google for ‘coming out’ will generate a vast array of material. We’ve pulled together a list of videos as well as local or online resources that may give you some inspiration for embarking on your own ‘coming out’ journey.

Online Resources on Coming Out:

Q&A Space: Coming Out Stories from Asian Pacific Islanders
Asians + Pacific Islanders for LGBT Equality

The Dari Project
Korean-based LGBT Group

R U Coming Out?
UK-based Coming Out Group

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
US-based LGBT Organization

Local Coming Out Resources and Support:

Health Initiative for Men
Vancouver-based Gay Men’s
Health Organization

Our City of Colours
Vancouver-based LGBT People
of Colour Organization

Sher Vancouver
Local South Asian LGBT Support Group

Vancouver-based LGBT Organization

Sexual Health Resources for Men of Colour:

Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS)
Toronto-based Asian HIV Organization

Toronto-based Website for South Asian Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender Men

Alliance of South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP)
Toronto-based South Asian HIV Organization

The Sex You Want
Ontario-based Sexual Health Resource
for Gay and Bisexual Men

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