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Health Initiative for Men (HIM) is a registered charity (BN: 827576612RR0001) that aims to strengthen gay, bi and queer men, as well as two-spirit and gender diverse people (GBT2Q) health and well-being across BC.  we offer the full spectrum of health-based programming and services for GBT2Q sexual, mental, physical and social health needs. 

With your donations, HIM is able to continue developing and expanding our health-based programming to serve our communities and help them build healthy lives together.

Why Donate to HIM?

HIM was founded in 2009 by a group of gay men as a grassroots initiative to fight against inequalities in the healthcare system and advocate for the health needs of GBT2Q communities. Since then, HIM has been on the forefront of developing, supporting and promoting programs that strengthens the health and wellbeing of our communities. 

As community organization lead by peers from the communities we serve, we are able to bridge between the needs of our communities and resources provided by local, provincial and federal health institutions, while creating a space that is safe, engaging, empowering and stigma-free for our communities. And today, thousands of community members turn to HIM to find the information, services and support they need to make informed decisions about their own health. 

But there’s much more progress to be made to address the inequalities in healthcare, and your support helps HIM continue to advocate for our communities’ health and wellbeing and allows us to innovate new programming that centres around the most vulnerable populations among us. 

Ways to Donate to HIM

There are different ways you can donate to HIM and invest in our mission: 

Become a Monthly Donor with HIM:
Small monthly donations can help make a significant difference in the long term. By signing up to give on monthly basis, you’ll be able to give in a convenient and cost-effective way by spreading your donations throughout the year. Click here to sign up for monthly giving.

Make a Legacy Gift with HIM:
Your investment in our communities’ health and wellbeing can live on, forever. By leaving a gift in your Will to HIM, mission can live on through your legacy for generations to come. Click here to inquire about Legacy Giving.

Fundraise for HIM:
Utilize your fundraising skills and your social reach to engage others around you in HIM’s work and raise funds to support our mission. Click here to find out more about fundraising for HIM.

Give a Major Gift:
By giving a major gift of over $1,500 (or $125 monthly) you’ll be providing HIM with extraordinary support which will enable us start new projects or expand existing initiatives. Major gifts allow HIM’s mission to gain independence from limited or restricted funding, so that we invest in new and daring programming that isn’t currently funded. Click here to inquire about giving a major gift.

Give a Corporate Gift:
HIM accepts corporate goodwill donations from m businesses that have demonstrated genuine support for and solidarity with the LGBT2Q+ communities. Click here to inquire about corporate donations.

Other Ways to Give:
You make cash donations through our donation boxes at HIM health centres or at any of our events. You can also make donations through direct deposits or by mailing a check to our office at:

310-1033 Davie Street
Vancouver BC,
V6E 1M7

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