Take Time For Your Mind

Physical health? Check. Social health and sexual health? Check, and check. Mental health? Hmmm?

Guys in general don’t have a very good track record of opening up and talking about their mental health. That’s in part because clichés and stereotypes have won the day: we often associate ‘mental health’ with a lot of unnecessary, negative baggage while reducing ‘masculinity’ to, among other things, keeping our personal issues to ourselves.

When it comes to looking after our mental and emotional health, we gay guys really have our work cut out for us! Not only do we play along with those nasty mental health clichés and stereotypes, but we also have the psychological stresses and (sometimes) hardships that can come with the territory of everyday gay life, along with heterosexism and homophobia to top that all off. Ouch!

Because gay life isn’t always smooth sailing, it’s good to talk to someone about whatever may be troubling you (or have the potential to trouble you), things you are coping with, or stuff you are trying to sort out. It’s helpful to talk. It’s healthy.

Health Initiative for Men (HIM) has two resources for helping you take time for your mind:

HIM Professional Counselling connects you with a therapist who has professional counselling, psychology, or related credentials and significant experience working with gay communities. Our counsellors aim to create a safe, welcoming environment where you can securely explore whatever is troubling your psychological well-being. Some analysis, some guidance, but no judgments. Affirmative sex positive and pay ‘by donation’.

HIM Change Advocates connects you with a gay guy who can help you sort out how to reach some of your identified goals and be supportive as you move further along that path. With help in moving toward your goals, that is at least one stress reduced in your otherwise fabulous life. Entirely confidential and available for free.

Register for your appointment by calling the HIM Office at (604) 488-1001.