Free Harm Reduction Supplies

COVID-19 Update:

In order to maintain availability of Harm Reduction supplies to our communities, HIM has options available for pick-up in Vancouver and Fraser region.

Supplies include:
  • Condoms (Standard)
  • Condoms (Insertable)
  • Lubricant
  • Safer Smoking Kits
  • Safer Injecting Kits
  • Safer Snorting Kits
  • Naloxone Kits
  • Fentanyl Test Strips
For specialty Condoms or larger amounts of supplies please give at least 24 hours notice on requests.

Please reach out to:  to arrange Harm Reduction supply pick-ups in Vancouver. Or text 604-369-9704 to arrange pick-ups in Fraser region.

HIM currently provides condoms at these popular spots on Davie Street:

  • 1181
  • Fountainhead Pub
  • Numbers
  • Junction
  • The Pumpjack.
  • F212

You can also find our condoms at Central Studios (venue), Steam1 in New Westminster, and at events like RUFFParty and Vancouver Arts and Leisure.

You can also pick up free Harm Reduction supplies and condoms at any HIM Health Centres. All HIM Health Centres have dispensers with Large, Snug, Non-Latex, Non-Lubricated, Flavoured as well as Insertable condoms.

Using condoms

Condoms are most effective when they’re used correctly. Continue reading for descriptions on the best way to use external and insertive condoms.

It’s important to note that using an insertive and an external condom together or more than one external condom is not recommended: the friction of the barrier against another barrier makes it more likely that one or both may tear.


External Condoms

Learn How to Use

Check the expiry date on the package and that the packaging is intact: pressing the middle you should feel that there is air trapped inside.

Tear open the packaging careful not to rip the condom inside (avoid opening with teeth!).

A flesh penis needs to be hard before you put a condom on it.

For guys who have had a metaidoioplasty (meta) it may take some practice to get a condom to fit properly. You may want to practice on your own first to get used to how best to do it; using an insertive condom is also recommended depending on the size and shape of your penis.

Squeeze and hold the tip of the condom before you put it on. You can also put a dab of lube on the inside tip of the condom. This reduces friction and increases pleasure for the guy penetrating. With the closed end squeezed with one hand use the other hand to unroll the condom down the full length of the penis, making sure it reaches all the way to the base and that there are no air bubbles between the cock and the condom.

It is important that the condom fit right. If the condom is too large it may slip off. If the condom is too small, it will be uncomfortable for the penetrating partner and may break more easily.

Depending on if your partner’s hole is self-lubricating, use a generous amount of  water- or silicone-based lube and apply more as needed: better to have too much than not enough.

During sex, check occasionally to make sure the condom is not rolling off and hasn’t torn or broken. If you’re going at it for a longer session think about changing the condom

If the penetrative partner has ejaculated inside try and have them pull out while still hard, as the condom may slip off the flaccid penis and stay inside, making a leak into the penetrated hole more likely.

When you’re done, throw the condom away: condoms are single-use (also try and throw it away in the garbage; flushing condoms down the toilet can lead to blocked pipes).


Insertive Condoms

Learn How to Use

Because you’ll be inserting the insertive condom with your fingers it is best that your fingernails are cut short to avoid any accidental tears, of condom or skin. If you’re inserting the condom into your anus you also may want to loosen yourself with fingers or toys and lots of lube to make insertion easier and more comfortable.

When ready, find a comfortable position for inserting the condom – this could be sitting or lying down, lying on your side, squatting, or with one leg raised on a chair or stool.

Check the expiry date and that there is air inside the packaging before carefully opening the pack to take out the condom. Be careful not to tear the condom while opening it- avoid using your teeth!

The condom should already be lubricated but you may want to add more lube. Insertive condoms are made from nitrile or polyurethane rather than latex and you can use any kind of lube, including oil-based ones.

The condom has two rings, a larger one at the open end and a smaller one at the closed end.  Some people like to remove the inner ring because they find it more comfortable, but doing so can lead the condom to become tangled and breaking.

To insert, squeeze the inner ring between index finger and thumb so that it forms and oval, making it easier to insert, before pushing it into the anus or front hole as far as it will go. Then put your index or middle finger inside of the condom to push it in further from the inside. If you have removed the inner ring, simply push it in from the inside as far as it will go.

The outer ring and a small part of the condom will remain outside the anus or front hole. This is to keep the condom from slipping inside: it should not be inserted.

When first penetrating and then every so often during sex you should check that the penis or toy has entered the condom and not missed to slip between the condom and anus or front hole. More lubricant should be used inside the condom to keep it moist, adding more during sex whenever you feel it’s needed. You should also check every now and then to make sure that the outer ring of the condom hasn’t slipped inside. If it has you should stop, remove the condom, and use a new one before starting again.

Don’t use the same condom more than once or with more than one partner.

Unlike with external condoms, the top doesn’t need to withdraw immediately if they ejaculate.

When you do feel like removing the condom the outer ring should be twisted to keep the semen inside before then pulled out gently. The condom should then be thrown away into the garbage.


For anal sex, the penetrative partner can wear an insertive condom like an external condom to get it securely inside without tangling. Put lubricant in the insertive condom and then place it over the penis or toy. Apply plenty of lube on the outside of the insertive condom and around the anus before inserting.

Health Initiative for Men respectfully acknowledges that we are privileged to be working within the ceded and unceded, ancestral, traditional, and shared territories of the Coast Salish people.

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