Think Before You Type


Going online to find guys to chat & meet up with can be a lot of fun! In fact, according to the Sex Now 2011/2012, an online survey of gay and bi guys in Canada, 89% of guys used the Internet to find sex partners, while 43% of guys met their last sex partner online.

It’s clear that apps like Grindr are increasingly popular and an important way that guys are connecting with each other. But it can be easy to forget that what we say and do online affects others in our community.

Whether it’s age, ethnicity, HIV status, body size, or masculinity — remember that when we’re talking about preferences, we’re talking about people. Just because it’s said online, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an impact in real life.

Think Before You Type is a new HIM campaign that aims to start a conversation on how gay + bi guys engage with each other on dating and hook-up sites. We want guys across our very diverse community to share their thoughts about Grindr, Manhunt, or whatever you’re using to meet new guys!

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