Become a HIM Helper

And volunteer your time

Helper volunteers are the backbone of HIM. You are actively engaging with the community while representing HIM. These volunteer positions are friendly and social in the organization, very easy to meet other volunteers, make friends, and learn about our community. You enjoy a variety of tasks from physically setting up events, modelling for campaigns to speaking to people about HIM services and programming. Whether you are shy, an introvert, an extrovert, or the life of the party these roles are for you!

What it Takes to Be a HIM Helper

  • No qualifications required
  • Little-to-no experience required
  • Minimal training and onboarding
  • Low time commitment

What Great About Becoming a Helper

  • Great opportunity to meet people and make new friends
  • A lot of opportunities to participate in fun and low-pressure activities

Others Ways to Volunteer at HIM?

“HIM Helpers” is one of three ways you can volunteer at HIM. You can explore “HIM Activators” if you’re interested volunteering your skills and expertise to support our staff, programs and services. Or “HIM Changemakers” if you’re interested in community leadership through the HIM Board of Directors, mental health counsellorship,  or developing and leading your own community program.