Become a HIM Changemaker

And Volunteer Your Leadership in the Community

Changemakers with support of HIM are leading the way forward in the community. Volunteers in these roles are imaginative, organized, and take initiative. You have a strong desire to share your skills and interests with the broader community to help GBQ and gender diverse folks live healthier lives. Perhaps you are passionate about mental health and helping people on a path to wellness and improved quality of life, volunteering as a professional counsellor may be the right fit for you.

Available Volunteer Opportunities for Changemakers:

What it Takes to Be a HIM Changemaker

  • Some qualifications may be required
  • Some experience may be required
  • Training and onboarding will be needed
  • Will require moderate time commitment

What Great About Becoming a Changemaker

  • An opportunity to champion HIM mission and be a voice for the community
  • A great opportunity to network and connect with other community leaders
  • Be influential and help develop strategies for community health

Others Ways to Volunteer at HIM?

“HIM Changemakers” is one of three ways you can volunteer at HIM. You can explore “HIM Helpers” if you’re interested in volunteering your time at fun and engaging groups and events. Or “HIM Activators” if you’re interested volunteering your skills and expertise to support our staff, programs and services.