HIM Code of Conduct

We have created this code of conduct as part of our strategy to protect all our diverse participants from violence, exclusion, and unfair treatment. These are the behaviours we are asking all participants to avoid when participating in any HIM program, or in any HIM space.  

In order to maintain safety, participants in HIM programs will refrain from:  

  • Disclosing private information about another person (e.g., HIV status, trans experience, sex work experience) 
  • Bullying and harassment in any form. 
  • Giving unwanted sexual attention or participating in sexual harassment.  
  • Behaving in a way that could be interpreted as cruel, judgemental or violent towards people of colour, Indigenous people, men and women (cis & trans), gender diverse people, Two Spirit people, sex workers, bisexual people, asexual people, new-comers, immigrants, people whose first language is not English, and people that live with disabilities whether physical or mental, or anybody else.  
  • Breaching the privacy of volunteers, staff, or other participants. 
  • Uttering threats of any kind (not exclusive to physical violence) 
  • Any violence of any kind 
  • Policing (e.g., asking inappropriate questions, investigating, and blocking) anyone for any reason at any time.  

Engaging in any of the above behaviours will be grounds for our refusal to provide support and programming to you in the future.  

If any of these behaviours occur to you, please reach out to the HIM staff or volunteer in the space (Health Centre / Group / Event…etc.)so that they may step in and take additional steps to assure your safety. 

If you are denied service there may opportunities for reconciliation, but these instances would occur only with strict conditions and required learning.

If you are denied service and attempt to access programming or services from which you have been banned, our protocol will be as follows:

  • We will ask you to leave.
  • If you do not leave, we will involve security if they’re nearby.
  • If you still will not leave or if security is not nearby, we will call the police.